Fractalyse - Fractal Analysis Software

A fractal generator based on Iterated Functions System (IFS) is now available. See more...

Software Fractalyse is developped by the research team "Mobilities, city and transport" of the research centre ThéMA. Issued from the research activities realized since a couple of years by Pierre Frankhauser and Cécile Tannier.

Fractalyse was initially developed to measure fractal dimension of built up areas of cities. It may be used to compute fractal dimension of black and white image, curve and network. It contains also several image processing tools.

Version 2.4 is available. New features is listed on changelog.
To use Fractalyse on Linux, you can follow these instructions.

Measure of fractal dimension :

  • radius mass
  • grid (or box counting)
  • correlation
  • dilation
  • gaussian convolution of curves

Other features :

  • curve of scaling behavior
  • patterns border extraction
  • counting of number of clusters and lacunas
  • tentacularity of convoluted curve

Fractalyse needs TIFF or BMP image file format (in black and white).

Fractalyse run under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Seven and under Linux (with wine).
Current Version : 2.4
This software is developed by Gilles Vuidel.

Université de Franche Comté CNRS